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Our aim is the balanced and integrated development of the true potentials of the whole person - spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical and cultural. We believe that our pupils should be free to develop as individuals and to this end we endeavour to help them discover their own talents and develop them to the full. We encourage a relaxed and caring Christian family atmosphere to enable each pupil to flourish.

Eight Essentials of Christian Brothers' Education

As part of the family of Christian Brother schools we are committed to striving for the following Essentials of modern Christian Brother education:

Evangelism of the Modern World .... contributing to the overall mission of the Catholic Church by bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to every aspect of its life as an educative community, fulfilling the specific mission entrusted to the Congregation of Christian Brothers: "the Evangelism of youth through the Apostolate of Christian Education"

Awareness of the Spiritual .... fostering an awareness of the human person as more than purely material and temporal.

Building of a Christian Community ....developing a school community centred on the person of Jesus Christ, with a quality of relationships characterised by mutual respect, self sacrifice and good humour.

Compassion for the Weak .... showing special love and concern for the weakest members of the community, within school and beyond, taken on behalf of the poor and marginalised both locally and internationally.



Concern for the Whole Person .... making the central purpose of the school the wholesome, religious, moral, intellectual, cultural, physical and social education of its students.

Striving for Excellence .... encouraging and stimulating each person to use his or her talents to the full, academic, cultural and physical.

Teaching as a Christian Vocation ....promote the vision of the Christian teacher is as a true calling from God expressing His loving purposes for the future of humanity.

Education for Justice ....developing education as more than end in itself, rather part of the transformation towards a more just society and a contribution to the building of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

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